Jill Biden, a Phillies fan, will attend a World Series game

 This week, First Lady Jill Biden will attend the World Series in her hometown of Philadelphia, where her club, the Phillies, will face the Houston Astros.

Jill Biden, a Phillies fan, will attend a World Series game
Jill Biden, a Phillies fan, will attend a World Series game

The White House said on Monday that she would attend Game 4 on Tuesday, when Major League Baseball would recognize cancer survivors. However, owing to weather, Game 3, which was scheduled for Monday night in Philadelphia, was pushed back to Tuesday, and Game 4 was pushed back to Wednesday. It was unclear Monday night if Jill Biden will be present Tuesday or Wednesday.

President Joe Biden has declared it a priority of his administration to end cancer "as we know it." He intends to reduce cancer deaths in the United States by half over the next 25 years while also improving the lives of caregivers and cancer patients. According to experts, the goal is doable with proper investment.

During a speech in Philadelphia on Friday, the president showed off his Phillies socks to the audience, receiving a standing ovation, and he stressed that he needed to keep the address brief because Game 1 was about to begin. He also frequently makes fun of his wife, a "Philly girl," and her support for the city's sports teams.

"Like every Philly fan, she's convinced she knows more about everything in sports than anyone else," Biden said last month while hosting the Atlanta Braves, the 2021 World Series champions.


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