How to delete a page in Word

"  How to delete a page in Word - Remove any extra or Blank Pages  "

How to delete a page in Word
 How to delete a page in Word

You don't want blank pages in the middle of your work or excess pages at the end if you're using Microsoft Word.

Tables, too many ENTER key presses, unneeded section breaks, inadvertent page breaks, excess paragraph markers, and other factors could all contribute to these extra pages.

Because you don't want your Word document to appear unprofessional as a result of this oddity, I'll show you how to eliminate blank and additional pages in Word in this post.

In this tutorial, I'll be using Microsoft Office 2016, but you may use any version because everything is the same.

How to Delete a Blank Page from the Center of a Word Document

If you're working with a lengthy word document and are about to present or print it, check for blank pages and an extra last page.

Press CTRL + SHIFT + 8, or go to the Home tab and click the paragraph symbol.

How to delete a page in Word

This key combination displays paragraph markers (¶)  at the end of each paragraph and each blank line - in other words, whenever you press the ENTER key and at the start of the extra blank page.

How to delete a page in Word

To delete these excess pages, use your mouse or trackpad to select the paragraph markers and then press the DELETE button. If one of the markers remains, use the BACKSPACE key to erase it.

How to delete a page in Word

If you have the patience, you can also remove the blank page(s) by selecting them and pressing the BACKSPACE key until the paragraph markers disappear.

How to Delete an Extra Blank Page from a Word Document

Step 1: Click the View tab to erase any extra blank pages that may have been inserted at the end of your document.

How to delete a page in Word 

Go to the Navigation Pane in Step 2. This will open a sidebar with three tabs: Headings, Pages, and Results. Click on Pages to display all of the document's pages in the sidebar.

How to delete a page in Word

How to delete a page in Word

Step 3: The current page will be selected automatically. Click the extra blank page to select it, then press the DELETE key on your keyboard to delete it.

How to delete a page in Word

You can also delete this extra blank page by using the BACKSPACE key.

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