How Ivanka Trump reacted to her father's candidacy

 "  After her father announced his campaign, Ivanka Trump stated that she does not intend to be involved in politics  "

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

How Ivanka Trump reacted to her father's candidacy :

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump declared that she had no intention of joining the former president Donald Trump's campaign. A few minutes after her father declared his intention to run for president again, she made the announcement.

“I love my father very much. This time, I've made the decision to put my young children's needs and the private life we're building as a family first. Ivanka, who opted not to attend the event on Tuesday night, declared, "I do not intend to get involved in politics. "While I will always love and support my father, I will do it in a non-political manner moving forward. I am appreciative of the opportunity to serve the American people, and I will always be proud of the accomplishments of our Administration."

Her words come after a change in the dynamic of the Trump family and disagreement over the former president's political aspirations. Ivanka and Jared Kushner, according to CNN last week, would not support Donald Trump in any political campaigns.

A source acquainted with Ivanka's thoughts earlier told that she "would never go back to that life." She is aware that at this moment, it wouldn't be in the best interests of her or her family.

Ivanka has been "done" with Washington "since the day she left," according to another, and that "hasn't altered."

IvankaTrump gave her father informal advice for the first two months of his presidency before becoming a full-time adviser to the president in March 2017.

Critics cited her lack of expertise in politics, but supporters pointed out that her father openly ran his campaign on his track record as a businessman and the idea of being an outsider and adopting an innovative style of governance.

It was unusual for a president's child to work in government, but for Trump, who had served as her father's dependable advisor from the time she was a young adult to her time as executive vice president at the Trump Organization, and ultimately to his 2016 presidential campaign, it was a familiar position.


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