How do you spell restaurant

What Exactly Is a Restaurant ?  

An establishment where guests are provided food and drinks is known as a Restaurant.

How do you spell restaurant

What Is the Correct Way to Spell and Say "Restaurant"

The spelling of restaurant can be spoken in a variety of ways, making it even more difficult to recall. 

Rhymes with the following expression:

"I'm not interested in going to the restaurant".

In mostly Standard British English it is /ˈrestrɒnt/(so with no syllable between “t” and “r,” and short “o” afterwards), where as many American speakers pronounce it as /ˈrest(ə)rɑːnt/ (so with or without this additional syllable, and a long “ah” afterwards).

Why Is "Restaurant" Spelling Uncertain?

The word is a borrowing from French, originating from "restaurer" (English: provide food for). 
Early in the 19th century, it became a part of the English language. The confusion is exacerbated by the fact that a number of Italian restaurants go by the name "ristorante."

Are There Any Synonyms or Collocations for "Restaurant"?
The word frequently appears with the following collocations:

4.(Nationalities like) Italian, Chinese, etc.

As an Example :

Cafe               : At a classy restaurant (café), we were having lunch.
Eating place  : We should visit our favorite restaurant (eating place).
Eating house : The three renowned restaurants (eating houses) are now under my ownership.

How to Keep the Word "Restaurant" Straight in Your Head ?

There are three ways to recall the foreign word's unique spelling.

1. Bear in mind the authentic French pronunciation. Later, you can also learn how to spell it correctly.

2. Make use of LanguageTool, a free writing tool. Other capabilities include misspelling detection and exact alternative suggestions.

3. Consider the following: The waiter in the restaurant had a lovely aura.

How do you spell restaurant

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