TikTok rejects a new revelation that it tracks and targets Americans' location data

 TikTok, the video-based app popular with younger users throughout the world, has denied tracking American users' location data, refuting allegations in a new report that its China-based parent firm planned to target specific people and watch their activities through the video-based app.


According to TikTok spokesperson Brooke Oberwetter, the app does not gather precise GPS location information from users in the United States.

Ms. Oberwetter stated in a statement that "TikTok has never been used to 'target' any members of the US government, activists, public personalities, or journalists, nor do we provide them a different content experience than other users."

According to a recent Forbes.com investigation, a China-based team at ByteDance, the Beijing-based parent firm of TikTok, intended to utilize the website to track the personal location data of a small number of Americans.

The Forbes article claims that while the ByteDance internal audit team concentrated on monitoring its own personnel, the team also allegedly tried to gather location data on a U.S. citizen who was never employed by the company. The larger strategy seemed to be targeted at obtaining people's approximate whereabouts to help show them appropriate advertisements, but Forbes claimed it analyzed evidence suggesting the underlying intention was to monitor some U.S. users.


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