McDonald's Halloween buckets

 "  Just in time for Halloween trick or treating, McDonald's Halloween buckets are back  "

McDonald's Halloween buckets
McDonald's Halloween buckets

Trick-or- Trick-or-treaters who missed out on the venerable McDonald's "Boo buckets" can now obtain one in time for Halloween. After a six-year absence, McDonald's has reintroduced the famous white McBoo, orange McPunk'n, and green McGoblin Halloween buckets.

As long as supplies last, people looking for the buckets can find them starting today (Oct. 18) at McDonald's restaurants across the nation until Oct. 31. Simply order a Happy Food from a store that participates, and your meal will be served in the plastic pail that can be utilized on Halloween.

"We clearly heard you... You don't want spooky SZN if McDonald's Halloween Pails aren't included, according to a press release from McDonald's.

The containers were first offered in 1986, and the business stopped selling them in 2016. Since they're back, McDonald's is also enticing patrons to discuss the inventive uses for which they have in mind for the buckets when they're not being used to store sweets.

Just a few weeks ago, McDonald's introduced Adult Happy Meals in an effort to appease older customers who still enjoy the thrill of hunting out the meal's included toys. The buckets are now back in circulation.