Kevin Durant

Ben Simmons is urged to be aggressive by Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets need aggressive play from Ben Simmons.

Kevin Durant
Getty Images/Sarah Stier

The Brooklyn Nets want Ben Simmons to be aggressive, just like the Philadelphia 76ers did. Even more than his lack of an outside shot, Simmons' hesitancy is frequently his biggest weakness. While he still lacks an outside shot, Brooklyn wants him to attack mismatches that his size advantage generates. In Simmons' situation, more assertiveness and aggression need not translate into more jump shots.

Kevin Durant

When asked by reporters how to boost Simmons' self-assurance, Kevin Durant responded, "Give him the ball, encourage him to be aggressive, and trust him. I'm not here to watch anyone's kids. Ben is aware of that. He should go ahead and be aggressive if the opportunity arises. Who cares if you don't make it? We enjoy your aggression."

Durant and the Nets are aware that they can only exert so much pressure on Simmons, who will ultimately decide how aggressively he plays. The team can encourage him to be aggressive, but Simmons must decide for himself. If he does, the Nets squad, which has a variety of offensive options on that side of the ball, should be given more offensive options.

Durant has made it clear to Simmons that he has no interest in taking care of anyone's children. The group believes in him, and they want him to believe in himself as well.