China - Xi Jinping - Capital punishment - Corruption

 "  Xi Jinping was wiretapped by China's police chief, who is currently on death row for corruption  "

Changchun Intermediate People's Court in Jilin province, northeast of Beijing, sentenced the Chinese police head to death with a two-year reprieve.

China - Xi Jinping - Capital punishment - Corruption
China - Xi Jinping - Capital punishment - Corruption

The Chinese Communist Party announced on Saturday that the senior police officer condemned to death for "corruption" may have also been eavesdropping autocratic leader Xi Jinping. Sun Lijun, the former deputy security minister, was also accused of taking 646 million yuan ($91 million) in bribes between 2001 and 2020 for allegedly riling up Beijing's stock market, as well as illegal arms possession. According to state-affiliated Chinese media, he also extensively disparaged "paranoid" Jinping with political opponents. The wiretapping situation in the case was exposed as the People's Republic of China's communist leader secured a third five-year term at the commencement of the 20th Party Congress.

For 'severe transgressions,' he was expelled from the Communist Party in 2021.

During the Congress event, the CPC makes a traditional announcement of the sentence of corrupt high-profile Chinese officials, many of whom are Xi's political opponents, to warn other party members that "loyalty" to the regime was the sole political survival factor. On Xi Jinping's orders, Xi's ex-vice minister of public security participated in the crackdown on pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong and even visited the COVID-19 epicentre in 2020, Wuhan. He is now accused of wrongdoing that is creating "severe damage to the unity of the party." Sun, a close ally of Xi at the time, was expelled from the Communist Party in 2021 for "severe infractions" of the law.

According to Chinese state media, Changchun Intermediate People's Court in northeast Beijing's Jilin province sentenced the Chinese police commander to death with a two-year reprieve period following which he would not be eligible for parole. The former Chinese deputy security minister was also found guilty of market manipulation in Beijing and given a punishment of eight years in prison and a fine of one million yuan ($140,000).

Sun allegedly attempted to undermine the stock market deals in 2018, according to the CPC's official mouthpiece, the Global Times newspaper. He spared a few close associates losses of more than 145 million yan ($20 million). When his illegal possession of two firearms was discovered, authorities seized his personal belongings. Sun had never upheld the Party's principles and beliefs, according to state news agency Xinhua, who had also added that he had "highly inflated political ambition and very weak political integrity," criticised the Party's programs without cause, and disseminated political rumors.