Boss's Day 2022

"  What is Boss's Day all about? Why is it held on October 16th?  " 

Boss's Day  2022
Boss's Day  2022


We often forget to appreciate our managers who work tirelessly to shape us, correct our mistakes, and ensure that we learn from them. Having a wonderful boss not only makes your job easier, but it also allows you to bring your professional difficulties to them without fear. Boss's Day provides an opportunity to recognize and thank our bosses.

History of Boss's Day:

Patricia Bays Haroski established Boss's Day in 1958. She was a secretary at State Farm Insurance in Illinois, and she wanted her coworkers to recognize and thank their boss, who also happened to be her father. Haroski thought that her father's job was rarely appreciated and that employees could not express their gratitude to him, who kept the company running smoothly.

As a result, she designated October 16 as Boss's Day and registered it with the US Chamber of Commerce in 1958.

The Importance of Boss's Day:

Bosses are crucial in our professional lives. Aside from providing jobs, they also mentor and teach us important life skills. The purpose of Boss's Day is to improve and deepen the working connection between employees and employers. It is a day to recognize your boss's contribution to your professional development.

How Should You Celebrate Boss's Day?

As an employee, you can send a card to your boss or tell them how much you appreciate their advice, mentoring, and faith in you. You might also plan a Boss's Day celebration and encourage other firms to do the same.