What is the Best Money Making Poll Creation Tool?

CPA Polls are a good method to profit from CPA email and zip submit offers. By targeting popular news stories with easy to convert CPA email and zip submits, you can often get very good conversion rates with your polls. By using some available poll creation tools, polls are actually very easy to make. There are many poll creators available today, including Poll Factory, Poll Control, WP Quick Polls, and WP Easy Polls. Here are three things to look for when picking a poll creator to use.

Poll Setup. One poll might not make you big money, but launching 10 or 20 can make you some nice profits. Any poll creation tool should make it easy to launch polls in under a minute. Most of your time creating polls should be spent on finding good keywords. If you are spending too much time figuring out what links to use, or wasting time messing around with your poll themes then you won't be able to launch as many polls as you need to.

Poll Templates. Having a well designed poll template will work wonders on the click through rates to your CPA offer. This does not mean your theme needs to be super fancy. I've done quite well with some very simple poll themes. However, every poll should include the specific prize the visitor can win and a clear call to action. The vote links should also be prominently displayed so the visitor knows how to click through. Most poll creators show demos of the themes they include. Take a look at them and make sure they look effective.

Offer Rotation. The most difficult aspect with making money with polls is trying to find the right offer(s) to use with them. Fortunately, there are thousands of potentially good email and zip submits you can use. The hard part is testing them, and if your poll creator does not enable you to rotate offers, then this becomes a very time-consuming task. Ideally, the offers will be evenly rotated so you can test everything properly.

Picking a good poll creation tool is essential for making big profits with CPA polls. WP Easy Polls is one tool that meets the criteria above. It is simple to use, has well tested themes, and handles offer rotation for you. As an added bonus, it is completely free. I highly recommend that you give it a try.

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