I Missed the Deadline for HealthCare

If you missed the ObamaCare signup deadline, you can still sign up now! Most Americans qualify for discounts when purchasing health insurance - find out if you are eligible for low or no-cost coverage! 

The healthcare law imposed 82 deadlines onto the Obama Administration. They missed exactly half of all the deadlines in three years. Does this mean it will fail?

The Obama Administration has already delayed several key components of the law. They still believe the health insurance exchange, or known as marketplace, will be ready on time. Although, somewhere it says the deadline is September 30th, the day before it opens. This does not give much time for any further delays, quirks or any personality conflicts.

Some are even saying that the Administration is picking and choosing what they want to devote their energies to and what they won't, based on political agenda. The original intent is falling apart. Unbroken promises?

The law has a lot of good things in it. The unfortunate thing is the law was filled with mostly garbage, unbroken promises and sky rocketing premiums due to more mandates. Each mandates cost the insurance company money. Just like anything else, a company will pass the extra costs back on to the consumer.

The government has definitely missed the mark at the taxpayer's expense. But what do they care? The politicians themselves are exempt from the healthcare law. 
As a business owner, executive, HR director, or employee, how are you supposed to keep up with the changes and stay focused on your day-to-day operations? Here are a few things you can do:

Study the law (not what the media tells you). This is very time-consuming and will take you away from your daily activities.
Keep in touch with your insurance agent/broker and/or health reform consultant. This is key as you move closer to making decisions on what your health insurance going forward.
If your insurance agent is not available, not responding, or seems unclear about things... Look for a new insurance agent. There are many that are up to speed on what's going on.
Call your insurance carrier directly. They will provide you with some information about changes. Again, this option is not as great as working with an insurance agent that has been keeping up with the trends. They will just overwhelm you with information and it's up to you to figure it out.
Rinse and recycle
It should be clear that you would need to consult an insurance agent or consultant on healthcare reform. Hitting your target for employee benefits with the new law still takes some planning. Even if you are a tiny business with just a few employees, you still need to strategize your approach heading into 2014.

Of course, you can shoot a shotgun at a target without ever shooting a gun before. You could hit the target with a little of beginners luck. However, now do it in a crowded room. Try pulling the trigger to hit the target. Not so easy, is it? That crowded room is filled with people, that are dependent on you to make the right decisions. This room is filled with your family, your business, your employees, and your peers. You need to have resources and expertise in order to make more accurate decisions heading into 2014. Otherwise, your target could be missed.